Best ways to Getting Top in Google New Zealand

With over half of all Kiwis now shopping online, getting high rankings in the search engines is a priority for local businesses. Only by coming up on the first page of Google for your target keywords can you be assured of getting the traffic and leads your business needs.

But how do you rank well in such a competitive environment? Here’s a look at the best ways to getting top in Google New Zealand.

Meaningful Content

In today’s SEO landscape, quality content is one of the main keys to ranking well. However that doesn’t mean writing for the search engines. Content for modern SEO means focusing on delivering value to the reader first while also optimising for today’s Google.

It’s important to note that Google takes such factors as user engagement into account when ranking web sites. Metrics such as bounce rate and time on page are indicators of the value of your content. No one’s going to stick around if you’re offering thin text or rehashed fluff.

Social Engagement

If visitors get value from your site, you can be sure they’ll share it with all their friends. Other than a surge in traffic, you’ll also benefit from links from social media sites. So be sure to create ‘shareworthy’ content and make it easy for users to get the word out.

Savvy Link Building

Link building is another key SEO component that must be done carefully. Nowadays building the wrong types of backlinks is not just a waste of time; it can seriously affect your rankings.

Today’s linkbuilding is an art and should focus on gaining high quality links as naturally as possible. Ideally you want to create a site so compelling that other sites link to you.

However in the early days, some judicious link building is needed to prime the engine. In the SEO environment of 2014, this is something that really demands the expert touch.

Mobile Ready

Over a third of all NZ households use smartphones to access the Internet. Moreover, mobile devices are increasingly used to buy and carry out product research and selection. So make sure you create responsive sites that provide a quality experience on small screens.

Room at the Top

Ranking websites takes time and commitment but it’s well worth it. With the right SEO strategy in place, you’ll benefit from synergy. The better you rank, the more traffic you get. This raises your profile and visibility, which drives more traffic, which in turn boosts your rankings further. Meanwhile social media engagement builds brand awareness and results in even more traffic and so it goes in a virtuous circle.

Ultimately, your goal should to create a quality online experience that helps your pages rank well, keeps visitors coming back, and ensures your site is shared widely.

Getting the top in Google New Zealand means you’ll be the “go to” resource in your niche so make sure your aim for the top.

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