How SEO Specialists Can Help Your New Zealand Business

As a New Zealand business owner you must be keenly aware of how important good ranking is for your business both now and in the future. It’s a market estimated to be worth some $5bn with both ‘showrooming’ and ‘click and collect’ on the rise.

You’re also surely aware of how difficult it is to get found on the first page of the search results in Google New Zealand. One thing’s for sure, it’s no task for amateurs.

In today’s competitive online business environment, it’s not enough to put up a brochure and add a few links to it. Today’s websites need to rank well to gain traffic and for that, you need the services of SEO specialists.

The Role of Modern SEO

Back in the day, being an SEO meant primarily a linkbuilder. As long as the text on the page contained enough keywords, all that was needed to rank was links, the more the merrier. Try that approach nowadays and your sites will never see the light of day.

Today linkbuilding is still a core component of SEO. However, not only is the process far more sophisticated than it was, it’s also just one of the responsibilities of a modern search engine optimiser. Nowadays, SEO specialists are needed.

SEO Specialists Services

Content Marketing

Providing users with solutions to their problems via content is now recognised as the most effective online strategy. Through web pages and blog posts on the site, and by submitting content to third parties, you educate your prospect as to the value of your product or service.

Once you set up an effective content strategy, it will work for you 24/7 to bring in pre-sold customers. Having the right content also helps with rankings as it’s highly valued by the search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Creating, managing and enhancing social media reputation is now at the heart of SEO. Most consumers are extremely active on social networks and gain much of their shopping intelligence from hanging out on Facebook.

Mobile Marketing

One of the most exciting trends in Internet use is the surge in people who access the net via smartphones and tablets. Equally exciting is the fact that many users carry out buying research and make purchases from these devices.

Most mobile users access social media via their devices, often to seek product reviews and buying recommendations. SEO specialists can ensure your websites is optimised for small screens so you can take maximum advantage of these growing demographic.


Whatever happens in the world on SEO and online commerce, linkbuilding will still be a key component of any strategy. It just requires care and a touch of artistry to create and run a sustainable linkbuilding program that will endure by providing value.

Today’s link building is allied to branding and relationship building which ultimately makes for a better web. Nowadays, it’s definitely a task for SEO specialists

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