New Zealand Link Building Directories for SEO and More

If you’re a New Zealand business looking to get the word out about your operation and an SEO boost, one smart solution to get listed in reputable web directories.

By signing up with New Zealand web directories, you improve your chances of showing up in the search results and your site gains a backlink, which can help with your rankings.

However as with so much in these days following Google updates, you have to be careful about which directories you choose and the way you go about it.

First, let’s look at the background of web directories.

 A Long History

As online extensions of the paper business directories and yellow pages that were a mainstay of the offline world, web directories were one of the first SEO resources to emerge.

The bonus was that along with the exposure, you also got a backlink to your site that helped with SEO. Naturally spammers weren’t slow in latching on. Soon the web was clogged with low-grade directories that existed only to provide links.

Google removed most of the offenders, and the quality operations that remain can do much to help with SEO and business exposure.

 Directory Submission Pointers

When choosing New Zealand link building directories, it always helps to pick those in your area or in your industry. Google rates relevance highly so if you’re a firm that supplies tiles, for example, being listed in a directory that specialises in building materials or home improvement would be a plus. Localisation also helps with relevance.

 High Quality New Zealand Directories

Here are a few of reputable Kiwi directories where you’ll want to list. The good news is they’re all free.

  • DMOZ is the world’s premier directory and getting a listing in its New Zealand section would be very beneficial.
  • is another international operation with a New Zealand section. You can add links to the text in the description field for increased SEO benefits.
  • For strictly Kiwi offerings, try It lists over 225,000 businesses and will submit your details to Google Maps automatically.
  • Another local directory is, which offers a map based approach to listing businesses and allows you to browse by category and site profile.
  • showcases over 45,000 New Zealand business records and offers a clean and simple interface.

Submission may be free but acceptance is not automatic, especially with DMOZ. Acceptance there can take months or even years. You should take such stringency as a positive sign. Directories that guarantee listings are suspect.

How to Prepare Listings for New Zealand Link Building Directories 

Each directory has its own rules and guidelines but you’ll need to prepare a description and relevant keywords or tags to accompany your listing. This process should follow the standard tenets of SEO. In your description you should focus on benefits – what you can do for your customers – than features, such as how long you’ve been in business.

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