Strategies for Link Building in 2014

If you’re a New Zealand business looking for ways to boost your online presence this year, here’s a look at the effective strategies for link building in 2014.

You may have heard that links are no longer important but that’s not the case. The fact is that links are at the heart of SEO and are as important as ever. What’s changed is the way they should be acquired.

Essentially, your linkbuilding has to follow a careful strategy and it’s useful to think in terms of a link portfolio. This mindset ensures that the links to any site are varied enough to appear natural. When creating your portfolio, pay special attention to the following:


Links that arise organically tend to come from a variety of sources. If all of your links are from, say,, or from press releases, it’s a red flag that you are trying to game the system.


Likewise, natural links usually appear gradually over time and not all at once. When developing links, you need to aim for consistency and steadiness. Organic links arise naturally over time and that’s the impression you want to give.

Varied Anchor Text

The text that anchors the link on the page provides important information the user by telling him what’s being linked to. Spammers took advantage of this by using exact keywords for all anchor text. Google took action, and now you need a natural anchoring profile with a blend of exact and partial matches, brand names, and general terms (e.g. ‘click here’).

Let’s look at the characteristic of the kind of page you want to get a backlink from.

Firstly, they should be as high authority as possible. Page rank is not as important as it once was. But you should aim to gain links from the kinds of sites you’d be proud to be associated with. Next, they should be related to your niche, as Google is very big on relevance.

In addition, in context links tend to carry more weight than those in page footers or sidebars. That’s because a direct and relevant connection is implied between the subject matter in the text and that on your web site. In short, the link is fulfilling its primary function of enhancing the user experience by connecting to further information.

Link building is a key task that’s vital to the visibility of your website and hence the volume of traffic your business receives. Be sure to do it properly or hire expert SEO specialists who can create links that lead to sustainable rankings.

Your Ultimate Goal

Aim to become the authority in your market sector. You don’t have to be Apple or Starbucks. If you’re in the flooring business, be the web site everyone visits for information on Auckland ceramic tiles. Do that and you’ll find others linking to you because your worth it, and those are the kinds of links Google loves.

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